Zak Bagans Bio, Wife, Haunted Museum, Movies, Tatoo, Networth

Zak Bagans

Zak Bagans Biography

Zak Bagans is a phenomenon American Investigator, Writer, Actor, Museum Operator, and Television personality. He is currently working as the major host of Ghost Adventures, a series aired on Travel Channel. Bagans also owns the Haunted Museums in Las Vegas. Nevada. He frequently airs on television programs, including Deadly Possession, Halloween Wars, and Haunted House.

Zak Bagans Age

Bagans was born on 5th April, 1977, in Washington, D.C, and raised in Glen, Ellyn, Illinois.

Zak Bagans Height

Bagans stands at an average height of 5 feet and 11 inches tall.

Zak Bagans Education

Bagans attended high school at Glenbard West High School in Glen, Illinois. He graduated in 1995. Zak later on enrolled at Motion Picture Institute in Michigan. He then moved to Las Vegas after graduating to become an explorer of the paranormal and rise to a documentary filmmaker.

Zak Bagans Nationality

Bagans holds American nationality and belongs to the White ethnicity.

Zak Bagans Parents

Bagans is the son of Nancy Knapp and his father, Larry Bagans. Nancy, by then, worked as an interior designer while Larry worked at the Quaker Oats division of PepsiCo as a salesman. Bagans has a sister by the name Meredith Bagans Mixer, whom he has a close relationship with, as displayed on Social Media. Nancy and Bagans’s father got divorced while he was still a child. 

His mother remarried Thomas Khapp. Nancy and Thomas are blessed with two children; Phil Knapp and Sky Knapp. Bagans recalls his childhood as the period he grew an interest in the paranormal when he was taken by his mother to look for unusual and spooky items in garage sales.

Zak Bagans’s Wife

Bagans is currently single. He was in a romantic relationship with Holy Madison. Madison serves as a model and a former star of Playboy. The couple met in one of the Haunted Museum show in 2009. They began dating in 2019 after Holy finalized her divorce from her ex-husband, Pasquella Rotella. Zak and Holy broke up in early 2021 for an unknown reason.

Bagans was previously dating Christine Dolce. Dolce is a model, actress, and a My Space queen. 

Zak Bagans’s Children

Bagans is a father to four children, Alexis Bagans, Lexis Bagans, Tiffany Bagans, and Carson Bagans. However, he has kept information regarding the mothers of his children out of the media.

Zak Bagans’s Movie and Tv Shows

Bagans has been aired and featured in several television programs such as Paranormal Paparazzi, Paranormal Challenge, Nightline, Today, Halloween Wars, Deadly Possession, and Ghost Adventures.

Zak Bagans, the Haunted Museum

Discovery+ Channel announced its intent to air The Haunted Museum in May 2021. The upcoming horror anthology show is hosted and produced by Zak Bagans. Cream Productions film the series in Las Vegas, Nevada, and Toronto, Canada, with Eli Roth as a filmmaker and Matt Booi, Kate Harrison Karman, and David Brady as executive producers. His museum was honored with the Las Vegas Museum awards.

Zak Begans Neurofursion

Zak, alongside Praga Khan, joined and produced Neurofursion, which was released on October 13, 2021. The 11 episodes of NecroFusion tell the story of a departed soul who has not crossed over for a reason and also include an audio message from the spirit – “electronic voice phenomena.” He is armed with an SB7 Spirit Box, which acts as a recording device at every GAC lockdown where he encounters inhabitants of the spirit world. While doing these investigations, he reaches out to communicate, and when the spirits decide to communicate, he records the spirits’ EVPs.

Zak Bagans’s Networth

His net worth is approximately 30 million.

Zak Bagans’s Tatoo

Zak Bagans has covered almost his whole body with tattoos, including the back of his neck and right index finger. He explained that an angel or demon behind his neck symbolizes the battle between good and evil he encountered during his investigation in Italy Poveglia Island.

Zak Bagans Social Media

Twitter: Zak Bagans  @Zak_Bagans

Instagram: Zak Bagans (@realzakbagans)

Facebook: Zak Bagans – Ghost Adventures Crew (GAC) @therealzakbagans