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Virginia Heffernan

Virginia Heffernan Biography

Virginia Heffernan is an American journalist and author. She is a columnist of both WIRED and the Los Angeles Times. She’s also the host of This Is Critical.

Virginia Heffernan Age

Heffernan is 53 years old as of 2022. She was born on August 8, 1969.

Virginia Heffernan Height

She stands at 5 feet 7 inches tall.

Virginia Heffernan Education

She received a B.A. degree in English and Philosophy from the University of Virginia and graduated summa cum laude in 1991 at the same university. Afterward, she earned a Master’s Degree in 1993 and a Ph.D. from Harvard University in 2002.

In 2014, during the Chronicle of Higher Education, Ben Yagoda recognized her among his top candidates for “best living writer of English prose”.

Virginia Heffernan Family

She hasn’t revealed to the public about her family members. Heffernan is a native of Hanover, New Hampshire.

Virginia Heffernan Husband

After doing our research, there is no information about her husband or relationship status.

Virginia Heffernan Career

She started her career in 1998 at Miramax as an articles editor. While there, her assignment was to edit feature stories. After two years she left to work as a senior editor at Harper’s magazine. It didn’t take her long before moving to Slate Magazine in New York where she worked as a television critic. Still at Slate, Hefferman was identified by the Columbia Journalism Review among the “Ten Young Editors to Watch”.

Since 2003, she has been a contributor to Zelinsky and The New York Times. During her time there, she launched the blog “Screens” for the newspaper’s website, which finally turned out to be “The Medium” blog (named after her column). To sum up, she often takes part in the magazine’s and also Politico, Mother Jones, Wired, and The Wall Street Journal among others.

Then in 2012, she was employed as a national correspondent for Yahoo. Heffernan was a writer of the seven-day column called “Machine Politics,” regarding technology, politics and culture. Her work was often seen on Yahoo TV. She also covered the presidential election in 2012. To summarize, she applied her comprehension of Google Glass OHMD to launch a series of articles for the company, known as “Glass Menagerie.”

Moreover, in the wake of 2015, she was appointed as an editorial director for west | SF. While there, she was responsible for content strategy, editorial vision and storytelling for broad startups and organizations including littleBits, Munchery, spring, Earnest and Paypay.

On the other hand, she is focused on technology and culture while writing using ways of literary criticism. In addition, her work is mostly in the middle of the human part of technology and culture at large. Hefferman publicly supported widely other crucial reasoning in terms of the latest technologies.

Virginia Heffernan Columnist

At first, in the fall of 2016, Heffernan was employed by Fast Company as a columnist until the fall of 2018. Besides that, Hefferman produce a column called “Why I’m a creationist” in July 2013, in which she focuses on “reasonable few entertainments and impacted by the character-free Big Bang story (“a thing erupted”) than by the difficult and picturesque mishap of Eve and Adam”. Hefferman sums up by quoting Yann Martel’s (an author) addition to his novel, Life of Pi: “1 Life is a story, 2) You can select your story, 3) A story with God is a good story”.

Virginia Heffernan La Times

Hefferman made ready for use and issued for readership or public sale an opinion part for the Los Angeles Times known as “What can you do with regard to the Trumpites at the next door?” This occurred on 5th, February 2021. From her driveway, she discusses her move to her white, Trump-backing up-close people cultivating the show. Furthermore, she made a differentiation between Hezbollah’s social outreach segments French Nazi sympathizers who trusted that Nazi soldiers were “kind.” This resulted in disapproval from traditionalist media.

Following a dialogue on Twitter with the famous science writer Carl Zimmer, Heffernan clarified her posture: “I’m a creationist on aesthetic grounds”. This resulted to Heffernan getting condemnation for her article. Critics replied to her postmodern posture, a few quoting Daniel Patrick Moynihan (an American politician, sociologist and diplomat): “All people are entitled to their own decision, however, not to their facts”. But while writing The Guardian, Andrew Brown released Heffernan’s critique of change however, he noted that: “Hefferman is surely not a youthful-earth creationist … but she needs stories where people get hope and self-respect in the occasions of the earth within them, and she gets them in religion, not in science”.

Similar to writing on the topic, she takes part actively in social media. She’s focused and without second thoughts she unfriends readers both on Twitter and Facebook often and keeps an active Tumblr.

Virginia Heffernan Books

She has been an author at Simon and Schuster since June 2009 until today. Hefferman was a co-writer of The Underminer in conjunction with Mike Albo. She has taken part in numerous books, specializing in topics such as the impact of the internet, TV series and depression. Additionally, she was nominated for an Emmy award because of her contribution to the MTV documentary on the murder of Matthew Shepard, Matthew’s Murder. In conclusion, Heffernan has authored MAGIC AND LOSS: The Internet as Art (“Heffernan is a new kind of wizard”–Kevin Kelly).

Virginia Heffernan Salary

She receives an approximated salary of $10,000 – $100,000.

Virginia Heffernan Net Worth

Her estimated net worth ranges between $1 million – $5 million.

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