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Nick Zammeti

Nick Zammeti Biography

Nick Zammeti is an artist, woodturner, YouTuber and television personality. He is one of the restorers on Channel 4’s ‘Mend it for Money’. He is also the founder and producer of Makers Central.

Nick Zammeti Age

Nick was born on 20th June 1974, England

Nick Zammeti Height

Nick stand at a height of 5 feet and 7 inches tall.

Nick Zammeti Education

Nick has not disclosed his education credentials.

Nick Zammeti Nationality

Zammeti is a British Nationality.

Nick Zammeti Parents

Nick seems to keep his personal and professional life apart, because of that, he has not disclosed his parents’ information

Nick Zammeti Siblings

Nick lives a low profile life, due to that, he has not revealed his siblings’ details.

Nick Zammeti Wife

His wife is known as Anna, he posts her on his social media pages but there is minimal information available about her or when they met.


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Nick Zammeti Children

Nick has two children, a daughter known as Lucy born in April 2007 and a son, Charlie Zammeti born in April 2005. Charlie is also a woodturner and has a Youtube channel. His YouTube channel is known as Charlie The Maker where he showcases his woodturning skills. He says he was inspired by his father after watching him work in his shed.


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Nick Zammeti Woodturner

Nick is an artist and a woodturner. He is the owner of NZ WoodTurning. He loves to create unique things mainly out of wood but recently started using resin in his projects. He has said that he finds woodturning therapeutic and creating something out of nothing is very satisfying. He said what he loves most about it is that he has no idea how most of the creations are going to turn out.

Nick Zammeti MakersCentral

Nick is the founder and producer of Makers Central, which is a DIY/Craft based event for the Maker Community. His love for making led him to want to put on a show like no one has seen before.

Nick Zammeti Mend It For Money

Nick is one of the restorers on Mend It For Money on Channel 4. He joined the show in November 2019. He specializes in woodturning. The show is a restoration program with an exciting twist as the UK’s best restorers battle it out to create the best projects.

In each episode, three projects are featured and for each of them, two of the best craftsmen compete to get the job. They are tasked with pitching their plans in hopes of being chosen. The restorers must also guess how much of a profit they will make when it is sold. They then agree to a profit share deal with the item’s owner and the restoration begins.

The show is narrated by Tom Allen, a British comedian who is also known for presenting different versions of The Great British Bake Off.

The other restorers are; Bruce Kenneth, JoJo Wood, Kirk Grannell, Sophie Harris, Sunjay Vara, Christina Robinson, Steve Popple.

Nick Zammeti YouTube

He has a Youtube channel where he showcases his woodturning skills. He makes all kind of things from arty bowls using Epoxy Resin to Crazy arty tables.

Nick Zammeti Salary

Zammeti earns an estimated annual salary of USD 100,000.

Nick Zammeti Net worth

Nick net worth is estimated to be USD 200,000.

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