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Jodie Foster

Jodie Foster Biography

Jodie Foster’s real name is Alicia Christian ‘Jodie’ Foster, an American filmmaker and actress. She began her career playing as a child prostitute in Martin Scorsese’s film Taxi Driver in 1976. She then won a Golden Globe for Best Actress and Academy Award for The Accused in 1988. Foster landed a lead female role in the popular movie The Silence of the Lambs in 1991. Primetime Emmy Award nominated her for her work as a director

People magazine published Jodie as the most beautiful woman in the world in 1992. Channel 4’s countdown listed her as number 23 of the All-Time 100 Greatest Movie Stars in 2003. Entertainment Weekly named her 57th number on their 100 Greatest Movie Stars of All Time countdown in 1996. In 2016, she inducted a motion pictures star at 6927 Hollywood Boulevard into the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Jodie Foster Age

Foster was born on 19th November 1962 in Los Angeles, California, United States.

Jodie Foster Height

Foster stands at the estimated height of 5 feet and 3 inches tall.

Jodie Foster Education

Foster began her education at the age of three. She went to Lycée Français de Los Angeles, a French-language prep school where she learnt the French language. This fluency in French has landed her to act in French movies, and she also adds soundtracks herself in French-language versions of various English-language films. Jodie delivered the valedictorian address for the school’s French at her graduation in 1980. 

She later enrolled at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, to pursue African-American literature. At Yale, Jodie wrote her thesis under the guidance of Henry Louis Gates, Jr on Toni Morrison. In 1993, foster came back to Yale to address the graduating class. Yale honoured her with an honorary Doctor of Fine Arts degree in 1997, and she was awarded the Yale Undergraduate Lifetime Achievement Award in 2018.

Jodie Foster Nationality

Foster holds American nationality.

Jodie Foster Parents

Foster is the youngest child of Evelyn Ella” and Lucius Fisher Foster III. Her mother belongs to English, German and Irish descent. Fisher, her father, is a wealthy businessman. Her father is a descendant who arrived in North America on the Mayflower in 1620 from John Alden. Her parents divorced before she was born, and she never established a relationship with her father. After separating from her ex-husband, her mother raised the children in Los Angeles. She worked as a publicist for film director Arthur P. Jacobs until managing the acting careers of Buddy and Jodie.

Her father, Lucius, was reported to have duped poor and older people with thousands of dollars into depositing in nonexistent homes. Lucius was found guilty and sentenced to 7 years in prison. Jodie served two years but died on 8th October 2016. He passed away as a result of Alzheimer’s and Cardiac arrest.

Jodie Foster Siblings

Foster has three older full siblings: Lucinda Cindy Foster was born 0n 26th October 1954 in California. She is also an actress well known for her portrayal in the film Weekend at Barneys.

Constance” Connie Connie” Foster, born in 1955, is also an actress in California. She earned fame in movies such as Chicago Story and Missing person movie.

Lucius “Buddy” Foster was born in 1957. He is an American writer and former child actor. She has three half-brothers from her father’s previous marriage. Foster’s real name is Alicia, but her siblings made her nickname “Jodie”, and the name stuck.

Jodie Foster Wife

Foster married Alexandra Hedison in April 2014 after a year of being together. Hedson was born on 10th July 1969 in California, United States. She is a photographer, director, and actress in America. Hedison belongs to Italian and Armenian ancestry. She attended the State University of New York at Purchase and transferred to the University of California, Los Angeles.

She was in a previous relationship with producer Cydney Bernard. Benard and Jodie met in 1993. Bernard served as a production coordinator on the set of Sommersby. They dated for almost 15 years, from 1993 until 2008—the ex-couple share two sons, born in 1998 and 2001, respectively.

Her sexual orientation got a lot of public discussion in 1991. This after magazines such as OutWeek and The Village Voice, arguing against the alleged homophobia and transphobia in The Silence of the Lambs, rumoured her as a closeted lesbian. She addressed her coming out as lesbian in the Cecil B. DeMille Award ceremony at the 70th Golden Globe Awards. The speech led many news outlets to describe her as gay. 

Jodie Foster Children

Foster has two children with Cydney Benard, her ex-husband. The two sons are Charles Benard Foster and Christopher Benard Foster. After separating from Benard, they raised the boys with Hedison, her wifeBenard.

Charles was born on 20th July 1998 at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. The baby was born at 5:53 a.m., weighed seven and a half pounds, and measured 20.5 inches at the time of his birth. Charles went to high school in his hometown of Los Angeles. He later enrolled at Yale University, a private college in New Haven, Connecticut, in 2017. She graduated from University with a bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature/Letters in 2021.

Christopher was born on 29th September 2001 and is currently a student at Princeton University pursuing chemistry. She came to fame after her birth being a celebrity kid.

They rarely make a public appearance. Their last appearance goes back to October 2016, to attend AMD British Academy Britannia Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel. Furthermore, Charles and Kit appeared with their mother during her induction into the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2016. She shares custody with her ex-husband of both boys.

Jodie Foster Movies and TV shows

Foster began her on-air career as a child model at three. Jodie made her acting debut in 1968 in the television sitcom Mayberry R.F.D. This was followed by appearances in the musical Tom Sawyer and Martin Scorsese’s comedy-drama Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore. Her engrossment came with Scorsese’s psychological thriller Taxi Driver, where she played a child prostitute. Foster’s other roles as a teenager include the comedy musical Bugsy Malone and the thriller The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane . she landed teen female roles including in Disney’s Freaky Friday, Candleshoe, as well as Carny and Foxes.

Foster debuted as a film director while directing Little Man Tate the same year. She founded her own production company, Egg Pictures, in 1992. the firm’s first production was 1993 Nell, in which Foster played the title role. Her other successful releases in the 1990s were the 1993 romantic drama Sommersby, the 1994 western comedy Maverick, the science fiction Contact in 1997, and the period drama Anna and the King aired in 1999.

Foster went through career setbacks in the early 2000s, leading to the termination of a film project and the shutting down of her production company. She landed starr roles in four commercially successful thrillers: Panic Room, Flightplan, Inside Man, and The Brave One. Jodie began directing in the 2010s with films such as The Beaver and Money Monster. She also contributed to the Netflix episodes of Orange Is the New Black, House of Cards, and Black Mirror.

Her first Primetime Emmy Award nomination was due to her exceptional directing for Lesbian Request Denied a Comedy Series, the third episode of the series. She also starred in Carnage, Elysium, Hotel Artemis, and her last, The Mauritanian, in 2021. Foster won her third Golden Globe Award For her role in Mauritanian.

Jodie Foster Beaver

The Beaver is a psychological drama film directed by Jodie Foster and written by Kyle Killen in 2011. A co-production of the United States and United Arab Emirates, it stars Mel Gibson, Foster, Anton Yelchin, and Jennifer Lawrence. It follows Walter Black, a depressed executive, whose lives turn upside-down when his wife kicks him out of the house. Walter begins to use a beaver hand puppet to communicate with people and overcome his issues at his lowest place.

Jodie Foster Taxi Driver

Taxi Driver was released in 1976 and directed by Martin Scorsese. The film centres on the mental state of its protagonist, Travis Bickle, a recently returned Vietnam War veteran with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. He lives in Manhattan and becomes a cab driver. He one day decides to save an underage prostitute from her pimp to clean the city of its corruption.

Jodie Foster Networth

Her net worth is approximately USD 100 million.

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