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Jill Martin

Jill Martin Biography

Jill martin is an American Sports commentator. She is well recognized as an eight-time Emmy Award-winning television personality. The fashion expert and celebrity writer is a reporter for the New York Knicks, covering pre-match, during, and after-match interviews. 

Martin is also a reporter for N.B.C.’s “Today Show.” The program covers the latest fashion and entertainment.

Jill Martin Age

Martin was born on April 14, 1976, in Manhattan, New York City, U.S.A.

Jill Martin Height

Martin stands at an average height of 5 feet and 6 inches tall.

Jill Martin Education

Martin enrolled at the University of Michigan and graduated with a degree in Communication.

Jill Martin Nationality

Martin holds American nationality.

Jill Martin Ethnicity

Martin belongs to the White ethnicity.

Jill Martin Parents

Jill was brought up in Manhattan by her loving parents. She is the daughter of Matty Martin, her father, and Georgette martin, her mother. Her father, Marty, is a retired criminal defense attorney, but once he gets ordained online, he will be an officiant for a day.

She has one baby brother Jonathan Martin. Jonathan married Hara Staci, and together are proud parents of one daughter. Martin frequently posts about her family on Instagram.

Jill Martin and family
Jill Martin and family

Jill Martin Husband

Martin has been married to her husband, Eric Brooke. The couple met on a dating app during the pandemic. Jill and Brooke held their wedding at the New York public library on September 10, 2022. The ceremony involved only 200 guests, consisting of close friends and family. The couple got married after three years of their first engagement before they called it off to later reconnect after six months. Their break up was due to long distances due to work duties, but they had a shared apartment in Manhattan.

Jill called Brooks and confessed her feelings after 16 months of being apart. He asked for time to think, but he was also sure he wanted her in his life. Within a few weeks of her call, they fell back together. A second proposal came in November 2021, on a trip to the Bahamas with the same ring she had returned to him.

Eric Brooks is the founder and chief executive of Ethos Capital, a private investment firm in Boston. He is also a father of three children from his previous marriage Georgia, Dean, and Sabrina. He got divorced in 2015.

Jill Martin Children

Jill has no children of her own. Martin is a stepmom to three children Georgia Brookes, Dean Brookes, and Sabrina Brookes. Jill explains the difficulty of bonding with stepchildren, recalling her first encounter with her stepdaughter, Bella, wasn’t exactly exciting when she first joined the family. She was ready to send Martin packing on the first day of her vacation.

Jill Martin N.B.C.

Jill currently serves as a contributor to the “Today Show,” which is an N.B.C. Affiliate. She advertises and promotes the daily necessities through her show, giving discounts and offers on the program.

 She is widely recognized for her popularity as “Steals and Deals Segments” and “Ambush Makeover.” Martin also works as a Creative Director of G.I.L.I. Got It. Love It—collection at Q.V.C.

She previously used to interrogate sports players. She aired on ‘News 12 Along Island” alongside William and Elisa Disyefano on the new show in 2002. Furthermore, she has appeared in several series, such as David’s Food Court, The Insider, and Weekend Today.

Jill Martin freezing eggs

In April, Martin revealed that she started freezing her eggs eight years ago in April while she was the age of 38 years. The next day, she explained the egg-freezing process and her decision to share this intimate piece of her life with the world in a blog post for today.com. 

Martin shared that she wasn’t in a relationship of consequence at the time and, to be honest, wasn’t ready to carry a kid. She dreamt of having at least one child growing up in a family with two beautiful parents and an unbelievable brother. She felt like she should follow that ‘formula’ but has since realized that her path is different.

Her decision was solely to focus and build on her career and business. She regretted it for a long time but later came to terms with it to follow her formula, not what she witnessed with her married college friends.

Jill Martin’s Networth

Her net worth is approximately USD 4 million.

Jill Martin’s Social Media

Instagram: jill martin (@jillmartin)

Facebook: Jill Martin

Twitter: Jill Martin @JillMartin