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Ilhan Omar

Ilhan Omar Biography

Ilhan Omar is an American politician serving as the U.S. representative for Minnesota’s 5th congressional district since 2019. She is a member of the Democratic Farmer Labor Party. Previously Omar served in the Minnesota House of Representatives from 2017 to 2019 representing part of Minneapolis.

Ilhan Omar Age

Ilham Abdullahi Omar was born on 4th October, 1982, Mogadishu, Somalia.

Ilhan Omar Height

Omar stand at a height of 5 feet and 7 inches tall.

Ilhan Omar Education

Omar attended Thomas Edison High School and graduated in 2001. She graduated from North Dakota State University in 2011 with a bachelor’s degree, majoring in political science and international studies.

Ilhan Omar Nationality

Omar is  an American Nationality.

Ilhan Omar Parents

Ilhan was born to her father, Nur Omar Mohamed, an ethnic Somali from the Majeerteen clan of Northeastern Somalia who was a colonel in the Somali army under Siad Barre and also worked as a teacher trainer. Her mother, Fadhuma Abukar Haji Hussein, a Benadiri, died when Ilhan Omar was two.

Omar and her family fled Somalia to escape the Somali Civil War and spent four years in a Dadaab refugee camp in Garissa County, Kenya, near the Somali border. Omar’s family secured asylum in the U.S. and arrived in New York in 1995, then lived for a time in Arlington, Virginia, before moving to and settling in Minneapolis where her father worked first as a taxi driver and later for the post office.

Ilhan Omar Siblings

Ilhan has seven siblings. Omar was the youngest of seven siblings.

Ilhan Omar Husband

Ilhan became engaged to Ahmed Hirsi in 2002. Omar  said that they had an unofficial faith-based Islamic marriage. The couple had two children together. She has said that they divorced within their faith tradition in 2008.

Ilhan married Ahmed Elmi, a British Somali in 2009. According to Omar, in 2011 she and Elmi had a faith-based divorce and she reconciled with Hirsi, with whom she had a third child in 2012. In 2017 Elmi and Omar legally divorced and  Omar and Hirsi legally married in 2018. On 7th October 2019. Omar filed for divorce from Hirsi, citing an “irretrievable breakdown” of the marriage. The divorce was finalized on 5th November 2019.

Omar married Tim Mynett in March 2020, a political consultant whose political consulting firm, the E Street Group, received $2.78 million in contracts from Omar’s campaign during the 2020 cycle. The campaign’s contract with Mynett’s firm became a focus of criticism by her Democratic primary opponent and conservative critics that received significant local and national media attention. On 17th November, 2020, Omar’s campaign terminated its contract with Mynett’s firm, saying the termination was to “make sure that anybody who is supporting the campaign with their time or financial support feels there is no perceived issue with the support.

Ilhan Omar Children

Ilhan has three children namely; Isra Hirsi, Ilwad Hirsi and Adnan Hirsi.

Ilhan Omar Congresswoman

Ilhan Omar represents Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives, which includes Minneapolis and surrounding suburbs. she previously worked as a community educator at the University of Minnesota, she was also a Policy Fellow at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs and served as a Senior Policy Aide for the Minneapolis City Council.

Omar ran on the Democratic Farmer Labor ticket for the Minnesota House of Representatives in District 60B in 2016, which includes part of northeast Minneapolis. On 9th August , Omar defeated Mohamud Noor and incumbent Phyllis Kahn in the DFL primary. Her chief opponent in the general election was Republican nominee Abdimalik Askar, another activist in the Somali-American community.

Ilhan filed to run for the United States House of Representatives from Minnesota’s 5th congressional district on 5th June 2018 after six-term incumbent Keith Ellison announced he would not seek reelection. On June 17, she was endorsed by the Minnesota Democratic Farmer Labor Party after two rounds of voting. Omar won the August 14 primary with 48.2% of the vote.

Omar faced former Minneapolis councilman Don Samuels and three other opponents in 9th August 2022. The campaign primarily focused on crime and Omar’s effectiveness in office. Omar’s campaign outspent Samuels’s $2.1 million to $800,000; Samuels ran television ads while Omar’s campaign did not. Omar won the primary with 50.3% of the vote to Samuels’s 48.2%, a margin of less than 2,500 votes.

Ilhan supports broader access to student loan forgiveness programs, as well as free tuition for college students whose family income is below $125,000. Omar supports Bernie Sanders’s plan to eliminate all $1.6 trillion in outstanding student debt, funded by an 0.5% tax on stock transactions and a 0.1% tax on bond transactions.

Ilhan has criticized Saudi Arabia’s human rights abuses and the Saudi Arabian led intervention in Yemen. In October 2018, she tweeted: “The Saudi government might have been strategic at covering up the daily atrocities carried out against minorities, women, activists and even the #YemenGenocide, but the murder of #JamalKhashoggi should be the last evil act they are allowed to commit.” She also called for a boycott of Saudi Arabia’s regime, tweeting: “#BDSSaudi.” The Saudi Arabian government responded by having dozens of anonymous Twitter troll accounts it controlled post tweets critical of Omar.

Omar opposed the October 2019 Turkish offensive into northeastern Syria, writing that “What has happened after Turkey’s invasion of northeastern Syria is a disaster tens of thousands of civilians have been forced to flee, hundreds of Islamic State fighters have escaped, and Turkish-backed rebels have been credibly accused of atrocities against the Kurds.”

Ilhan was one of four Democratic representatives to vote against the Emergency Supplemental Appropriations for Humanitarian Assistance and Security at the Southern Border Act, a $4.5 billion border funding bill that required Customs and Border Protection to enact health standards for individuals in custody such as standards for “medical emergencies; nutrition, hygiene, and facilities; and personnel training.

Omar was critical of the Israeli government and opposed a law intended to restrict the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement. She compared the movement to people who “engage[d] in boycotts” of apartheid in South Africa. During her House campaign, she said she did not support the BDS movement, describing it as counterproductive to peace.

Ilhan and Representative Rashida Tlaib were banned from entering Israel, a reversal from the July 2019 statement by Israeli Ambassador to the United States Ron Dermer that “any member of Congress” would be allowed in. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attributed the ban to Israeli law preventing the entry of people who call for a boycott of Israel.

Omar has been critical of U.S. foreign policy, and has called for reduced funding for “perpetual war and military aggression,” saying, “knowing my tax dollars pay for bombs killing children in Yemen makes my heart break,” with “everyone in Washington saying we don’t have enough money in the budget for universal health care.

Ilhan is committed to fighting for the shared values of the 5th District, values that put people at the center of the democracy. She plans to focus on tackling many of the issues that she hears about most from her constituents, like investing in education and freeing students from the shackles of debt; ensuring a fair wage for a hard day’s work; creating a just immigration system and tackling the existential threat of climate change.

Ilhan Omar Salary

Omar earns an annual estimated salary of USD 316,000.

Ilhan Omar Net Worth

Ilhan net worth is estimated to be USD 83 million.

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