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Ed Davey

Ed Davey Biography

Edward Davey is a British Member of Parliament for Kingstone and Surbiton who serves as Leader of the Liberal Democrats. He is a trained economist, and wrote the first Lib Dem policy on a universal basic income when he was Paddy Ashdown’s Economics Adviser. He received a knighthood from the Queen in the 2016 New Year Honours.

As an economist, he worked at Omega Partners, a management consultancy firm, where his work ranged from strategic market analysis to business forecasting. During his tenure, he visited 28 countries and worked on projects for Post Offices in countries such as Belgium, South Africa, Sweden and Taiwan.

Ed Davey Age

He was born on 25th December, 1965, Mansfield, United Kingdom.

Ed Davey Height

He stand at a height of 5 feet and 7 inches.

Ed Davey Education

He attended Nottingham High School (1974-84) where he helped found the Middle School Debating Society and ended up head boy. He took a ‘gap year’ when he worked as a in a pork pie factory and for Boots plc. He learnt basic Spanish at a college in Salmanca.

In 1988 he graduated with a first class honours degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics at Jesus College, Oxford. While in college, he was not involved in any of the political societies at Oxford but he helped organise Tactical Voting 87 in Oxford during the 1987 General Election.

He also has an MSc in Economics from Birkbeck College, London University.

Ed Davey Parents

Ed is the son of John George and Nina Joan (nee Stanbrook). His father was a solictor, who died when Ed was four years old, while his mother who was a teacher died when Ed was fifteen years.

During an interview on ITV’s Loose Women he revealed that his mother was diagnosed with incurable cancer which left her bed ridden and in a lot of pain. He added that they would give her morphine for the pain and at times she would give herself electric shocks to divert the pain.

‘We used to have to give her morphine for the pain. It was a whole bell jar of morphine. Her pain was so bad we had to put these pads on her where she could give herself electric shocks to divert the pain and distract herself. She was in a lot of pain which was where the emotional side came in.’

Ed Davey Sibling

He has two brothers; Henry and Charles. After the death of his mother, he lived with his brothers before moving in with his maternal grandparents. He says that he became very close with his maternal grandmother who died in a Kingston care home.

Ed Davey Wife

Ed is married to Emily Gasson, a former Liberal Democrat candidate for North Dorset. The couple got married in the summer of 2005. The couple met through the Liberal Democrats party. Ed was chairing a Housing Policy Working Group and she was a member, as a social housing lawyer.

Emily is also a member of the Lib Dems. She had the number two position on the Lib Dem London-wide candidate list for the 2016 London Assembly elections, but she was not elected. In 2018 she vied for councillor for the three-seat Norbiton Ward, as part of the Royal Borough of Kingston Council and topped the poll with 20 per cent of the vote.

Ed Davey Children

Davey and his wife have two children together; John and Ellie. John has an undiagnosed neurological condition which means he can’t walk or talk.

Ed Davey Son

Ed’s son John is disabled, he has an undiagnosed neurological condition meaning he can’t talk or walk. During an interview he said that John was first diagnosed with celebral palsy but it was later ruled out. He said they firts noticed something was amiss with their son at about four months as he wasn’t developing well.

‘We genuinely don’t know….we felt when he was about four months and he wasn’t developing well. We got to about nine months and we thought “Something is wrong here”. He wasn’t really sitting or engaging.

They initially diagnosed him with cerebral palsy, but it wasn’t cerebral palsy as it then transpired and Great Ormond Street Hospital were fantastic.’

Due to being a carer he often campaigns for increased NHS investment and further government help for carers.

‘I think caring roles should be valued far more’, he said. ‘Because I think they’re quite tough actually. There’s the emotional impact and then and actually caring is tough work, all hours it’s not glamorous.’

Ed Davey MP

Davey is the member of parliament for Kingston and Surbiton. He was first elected to the House of Commons, at his first attempt, in the 1997 general election, where he defeated Richard Tracey, the sitting Conservative MP for the former constituency of Surbiton, with a majority of just 56 votes, and remained the seat’s MP for 18 years.

He was appointed Parliamentary Under Secretary of State in the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills with responsibility for Employment Relations, Consumer and Postal Affairs. In addition, he held responsibilities for trade as a Minister for Trade Policy. As a Parliamentary Under Secretary, Davey led the establishment of an unofficial ‘like-minded group for growth’ ginger group within the European Union.

In 2013, Davey set up the Green Growth Group, bringing together environmental and climate ministers from across the European Union in an effort to promote growth, investment in renewable and nuclear energy, liberalisation of the European energy market, a global carbon market, trade in energy, carbon capture technology, energy efficiency, and competition.

On 27 August, Davey won the leadership election with 42,756 votes, which translated to 63.5% of total votes. In his victory speech, Davey said that the Liberal Democrats must “wake up and smell the coffee” and “start listening” to ordinary people and those who “don’t believe we share their values”. He also stressed his experience in the coalition government, and his commitments to tackle climate change.

Ed Davey Leader of Lib Dems

Ed is the Leader of Liberal Denocrats since August 2020. Prior to joining politics he worked as the Economics Researcher to the Liberal Democrats in Parliament, working in the Commons from 1989 to 1993, primarily for Alan Beith and Paddy Ashdown. He joined the party partly because Paddy Ashdown inspired him.

He later became the party’s Senior Economics Advisor, where he was closely involved in developing policies such as the penny on income tax for education and making the Bank of England independent. He was also in charge of costing the election manifesto in 1992.

He has served as a Lib Dem spokesman on Treasury Affairs. In 1998 he became the Whip and in 2000 was chosen as Spokesman for London. In 2007 he became the Liberal Democrat Spokesperson on Foreign Affairs.

Ed Davey Political Views

Ed is a supporter of the European Union and has regularly championed the benefits of free trade. He has also marked himself an impassioned campaigner for a ‘People’s Vote’ and a second referendum on Brexit. Davey has though suggested that the Lib Dems will not campaign on a platform of reentering the EU at the next General Election.

Ed Davey Weight Loss

The Liberal Democrat leader Sir Ed Davey lost two stone in seven weeks following a monastic diet of mainly plants and a little fish.

Ed Davey Salary

His annual salary is estimated to be GBP 77,379.

Ed Davey Net Worth

His net worth is estimated to be GBP 5 million.

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