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Chris Cuomo Biography

Chris Cuomo is an award winning television reporter and journalist in New York at News Nation. Prior he served as the chief law and justice correspondent and, co-anchor of the 20/20 program, news anchor for Good morning America for ABC News. He also worked for CNN as an anchor and co-hosted the morning show before launching Cuomo Prime Time in 2018. After his termination of employment by CNN, he announced launching The Prime Time on Nation News.

Chris Cuomo Age

Cuomo was born on 9th August 1970 in Queens, Newyork, USA.

Chris Cuomo Height

He stands at 6 feet 2 inches of height tall.

Chris Cuomo Education

Cuomo pursued an Undergraduate degree from Yale University. In 1995 he obtained a JD degree in law from Fordham University School of law, and he earned his Juris Doctorate. Cuomo is a licensed attorney.

Chris Cuomo parent

He is the son of Marie and matilda Cuomo both of Italian origin. His father was a democratic politician and was elected governor in 1982.

Chris Cuomo siblings

Chris is the youngest of his four siblings; one brother Andrew Cuomo became the 52nd governor after following in their father’s footsteps. He has three sisters: Marie Cuomo, Margaret Cuomo, and Madeline Cuomo.

Chris Cuomo’s wife

Cuomo has been married since 2001 to Cristina Greeven, a magazine editor.

Chris Cuomo’s Children

Cuomo and his wife, Cristina, have two daughters, Carolina, Bella, and a son, Mario Cuomo.

Chris Cuomo ABC News

Cuomo worked as chief law and justice correspondent and a co-anchor in the morning three-hour show. During his time at ABC News, he covered major stories, including heroin addiction and its effects on Families in the suburbs. He reported significant social issues such as bullying, the Haiti earthquake, child custody, and homeless teens. He then became the presenter of Good Morning America. As the anchor, he covered major events of interest like the war on terrorism, Virginia the tech shooting, the Pennsylvania Amish school shootings, and the 2009 foot hood shootings.

Before joining, ABC News kicked off his career by making appearances on shows related to political and social issues on stations such as CNN, CNBC, and MSNBS. He served as a political policy analyst and correspondent for fos news, reporting major social issues.

Chris Cuomo CNN News

Chris moved to CNN as a co-host on its morning show in February 2013. He began as a field anchor in February of the same year.CNN announced that Chris Would move to Prime Time to host the show Cuomo Prime Time on March 2013. Cuomo was accused of violation of journalism ethics and standards. This accusation was after an interview he conducted about sexual harassment involving his brother, the allegations thrown at him were that he had a part in advising his brother on how to answer the allegation. Later in December, after a report released by the office of the Attorney General proving that he used his media sources to gather data on accusers. The Day after the report was released, CNN suspended him, and later CNN terminated his employment.

Chris Cuomo Nation News

During an interview on Nation News with Dan Abrams Chris announced hosting a new Prime Time program on the Nextar Media Group. The program will focus widely on common concerns and find solutions rather than political matters. with Over two decades of experience. He has been covering big events and stories, including terrorist attacks, presidents, and world leaders, and finding the solution that impacts the everyday lives of Americans. 

Chris Cuomo’s Networth

He has a net worth of approximately $ 12 million.

Chris Cuomo’s Social Media

Chris Cuomo (@chrisccuomo)