Chloe Melas Bio, Age, Husband, House on Fire, CNN, and Twitter.

Chloe Melas

Chloe Melas Biography

Chloe Melas is an American journalist well known for working with CNN  as an entertainment reporter. She also works at HLN station as a reporter. Prior to this, she worked at Hollywood Life as an entertainment reporter as well as the host for VH1, a morning TV show, The Gossip Table. Chloe launched Hollywood Life in 2009.

Choe Melas Age

Chloe was born on 11th July 1986 in Atlanta Georgia, United States of America.

Choe Melas Height and Weight

Chloe stands at an estimated height of 5 feet,2 inches tall. She has an estimated weight of 57kgs

Choe Melas Parents

Chloe was born and raised by her parents, Paul Melas the father, and Elizabeth Murphy her mother.

Choe Melas Husband

Chloe is married to Brian Mazza. The couple married on 25th October 2004. Brian is well-known as an entrepreneur. He is also a hospitality fashion designer manager of NYC’s famous brands. He is also the president of Paige Hospitality Group as well as an ambassador for Lululemon.


Choe Melas Sons

Chloe and her husband are blessed with two sons, Leo and Luke. They were both conceived through vitro fertilization since the husband had a low sperm count and she had a reduced ovarian reserve.

Chloe Melas House Fire

Chloe and her husband experienced their house catching fire on January 2020 when her two sons were asleep while she and the husband were having a talk at the fireplace as they used to do. Chloe saw a cloud of smoke but did not have information on the source of the fire. They immediately contacted the Redcross company and received help and nobody received injuries.

Choe Melas CNN

Chloe is currently an entertainment reporter at CNN station. She began working there as an assistant reporter, and she later left there in 2009 for Hollywood life. In 2007, she reported to CNN the Morgan Freeman starring lifestyle story. On 24th May 2018, Chloe worked as a reporter with CNN reported about the Harassment that the eight people claimed to have experienced from Freeman.

Due to Freeman’s reports that Chloe gave, Freeman claimed that they were all false and later Chloe received threats of being killed, following  David Vigilant, the CNN general counsel.

Choe Melas Social Media

Twitter:@ chloe_melas


Youtube: @Chloe Melas5

Linkedin:@Chloe Melas

Choe Melas Education

Chloe is a graduate of Auburn University, where she obtained a degree in radio, Television, and film.

Choe Melas Salary

Chloe’s salary is estimated to be around $0.09m.

Choe Melas Networth

Chloe has an estimated networth of $10m to $15m.

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