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Andrew Marr

Andrew Marr Biography

Andrew William Stevenson Marr is a British media personality serving as presenter of the BBC1 Andrew Marr Show.  He is a former BBC political editor.

Andrew Marr Age

Andrew Marr was born on 31st July 1959 in Glasgow Scotland in the United Kingdom.

Andrew Marr Height

Andrew stand at a height of 5 feet and 6 inches tall.

Andrew Marr Nationality

Marr is a British Nationality.

Andrew Marr Education

Marr attended  Craigflower Preparatory School in Scotland and later went to high school in Loretto School and The Highschool of Dundee. Andrew also attended other schools including one in Musselburgh, East Lothian where he served as a perfect. He later graduated from Trinity Hall, Cambridge with a first-class degree in English.

At Cambridge, Marr says he was a “raving leftie” who handed out copies of Mao Zedong’s Little Red Book and he acquired the nickname “Red Andy”

Andrew Marr Parents

Andrew is the son of Donald Marr who worked as an investment and trust manager and Valerie. He was brought up in a Christian home and the family regularly attended church.

Andrew Marr Siblings

Donald was born on October 25, 1939, and was the youngest of eight children born to Earl and Loise Thorne Marr. He and his family lived in Scarborough on the family farm. Donald passed on Jan 14, 2021, at the Mercy Hospital.

Andrew Marr Wife

Andrew married Jackie Ashley in Surrey in August 1987. The couple is blessed with three children, one son, and two daughters. Ashley has had a career as a journalist in television and newspapers. She wrote for the New Statesman from 2000-2002. She moved on and started at The Guardian where she began as a columnist and political interviewer

She began working as a trainee in 1979 for the BBC and later rose up the ranks and was the producer and newsreader on Newsnight from 1981-1984. She later moved on to TV-am where she worked as a reporter. In 1986, she moved to ITN where she worked as a political correspondent.

From October 2015-2018, she worked as the president of Lucy Cavendish College, Cambridge, and has been a trustee of the Carers Trust since July 1019.

Andrew Marr Children

Andrew and his wife are blessed with three children. They have two daughters named Emily and Isabel Marr and a son named Harry

Andrew Marr Show/Andrew Marr BBC

Andrew began his career as a political commentator and the editor of The Independent newspaper from 1996-1998. From 2000-2005, Andrew worked as the political editor of BBC News.

He began hosting a political show named Sunday AM which was later branded The Andrew Marr show which airs on Sunday mornings on BBC1. Andrew later took over a popular radio show on BBC Radio 4 named Start of the Week from September 2005.

In 2007, Andrew presented a documentary focusing on the political history of post-war Britain on BBC2 and made a prequel in 2009 which focused on the period lasting between 1901 and 1945.

He presented a documentary on Megacities highlighting the developments made and the challenges that they face as well as future and possible solutions to problems sighted

He made and presented a three-part series about the reign of Queen Elizabeth 11 which he dabbed The Diamond Queen in 2012. In September of the same year, he began presenting a series dabbed History of The World which focused on the civilization and evolution of human history.

Andrew Marr Stroke

Marr was hospitalized for two months following a stroke in January 2013. In an interview, he said he was working out at home in a rowing machine.” I was pushing myself to do something like 5km in 20 minutes, which is a challenge even for a professional oarsman let alone a sedentary journalist,” he recalls, reliving his crisis. “I was really pleased with myself but at the same moment, I felt I’d done something stupid. It wasn’t painful but I knew something had gone wrong.”

While serving the family meal, Andrew remembers feeling sick and had this blinding headache. Flashes and a cascade of brilliantly colored lights which he thought was a migraine. Shortly, he was admitted to the hospital for two months. He recovered and returned to present his show on September 1, 2013.

Andrew Marr Covid-19

Andrew confirmed that he had tested positive for covid-19 despite being fully vaccinated in an interview with the BBC. Andrew had had a test done after feeling like he was coming down with a cold but turned out negative at first.

Andrew said “Two days after my first symptoms, I began to feel seriously ill. I had a high temperature, muscle ache, shakes, a bad headache, and flu-like cold symptoms. I couldn’t smell anything – not aftershave, not coffee, nothing”

The symptoms of a cold persisted and Andrew had to administer a second test at NeasdenTemple, North London. The following day results came back positive and Andrew had to self Isolate for 10 days until all the symptoms were clear.

Andrew Marr Salary

Andrew earns an estimated annual salary of around $370,000

Andrew Marr Net Worth

Marr has an estimated net worth of around $2 million

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